Board of Trustees

Meet Maryhills’ All-Volunteer Trustees

Maryhill’s all-volunteer Board of Trustees helps guide strategic planning, financial oversight, and management, and is instrumental in ensuring a dynamic and vital future for the museum. Trustees also serve on committees devoted to collections, marketing, education, finance, grounds, audit, governance, fundraising and membership, executive and such ad hoc committees as necessary.

Maryhill’s Trustees have diverse interests, live throughout Washington and Oregon—and have skill sets ranging from marketing, education, law, and the arts, to business, farming and ranching. What they all have in common is a passion for Maryhill!

Nominations to the Board of Trustees
Maryhill Museum of Art, a membership organization, elects a revolving Board of Trustees at its Annual Meeting. Pursuant to the Bylaws, the Board may comprise no less than nine and no more than 25 members, with a majority residing in the State of Washington. The Governance Committee, subsequent to evaluation of qualifications and expertise, places candidates on the ballot for election to a three-year term. Members in good standing of Maryhill Museum of Art may nominate a candidate, or themselves, to the Board of Trustees by calling 509 773-3733 or emailing nominations@maryhillmuseum.org.