Permanent Exhibitions

Permanent Exhibitions - Maryhill Museum - Columbia Gorge

Maryhill Museum of Art Permanent Exhibitions:

In addition to current exhibitions, Maryhill Museum of Art’s permanent installations include more than 80 works by Auguste Rodin, European and American paintings and decorative arts, objects from the palaces of the Queen of Romania, Orthodox icons, unique chess sets from around the world, and the renowned Théâtre de la Mode—small-scale fashion mannequins attired in haute couture of post-World War II France.

Baskets of the Indigenous peoples of North America were a collecting interest of Sam Hill. From this nucleus, the museum’s Native American collection now shows works from many North American cultures.

Maryhill is also home to the William and Catherine Dickson Sculpture Park, which features more than a dozen large-scale outdoor sculptures by Pacific Northwest artists.

Explore our Permanent Exhibitions

We invite you to explore our permanent exhibitions in the following galleries:

Auguste Rodin

Indigenous Peoples of North America

George E. Muehleck, Jr. Gallery of International Chess Sets

Samuel Hill

Art Nouveau Glass

Loïe Fuller

Queen Marie of Romania

Orthodox Icons

Théâtre de la Mode

William and Catherine Dickson Sculpture Park