Online Exhibitions

Special Exhibitions 

In an effort to share our special exhibitions with a wider audience and with those who are unable to visit Maryhill Museum of Art due to the pandemic, the museum’s curator of art, Steve Grafe, created these PDFs. We invite you to explore the featured objects and accompanying label copy. Click the plus (+) sign next to each title to access the exhibition description and a link to the PDF.

The Théâtre de la Mode in Its Own Words

Aficionados of fashion and fashion history are generally familiar with the story of the Théâtre de la Mode, the circumstances surrounding its creation in post-war Paris, its travel to diverse European and American cities, and its serendipitous arrival at Maryhill Museum of Art. Here that story is retold using vintage narratives, including texts from the catalogues of the 1945 London Théâtre de la Mode exhibition and its 1946 New York presentation, and from the museum’s own archives.

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Théodore Rivière: Sculpture

The 19th-century French artist Théodore Rivière (1857–1912) is best known for his small-scale sculptures with Orientalist themes. His works also frequently show Art Nouveau influences. This exhibition includes almost 20 figurative sculptures in bronze, marble and terracotta.

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A Particular Beauty: Romanian Folk Clothing

A Particular Beauty draws from Maryhill’s collection of more than 450 Romanian textiles, and includes numerous individual garments such as coats, vests, shirts and blouses. Explore a remarkable variety of Romanian embroidery techniques, mediums, and styles that have evolved through the influences of adjacent ethnic populations, resident invaders, other outsiders, and—in recent decades–urbanization. Contextual labels and photographs tie the objects to specific villages, counties, geographical regions, and artisan workshops.


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Indigenous Peoples of The Dalles Region

This online exhibition profiles an area extending from Rock Creek (eastern Klickitat County, Washington) to the Warm Springs Indian Reservation and Cascade Locks, Oregon. It features photographs by Albert H. Barnes, Fred Andrew “F.A.” Young, Fannie B. Wright Van Duyn, Louise E. Ruch Miller, Iris Markley Hurst, Benjamin Clayton “B.C.” Markham, and J.W. Thompson, as well as basketry and beadwork of the region.

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Art by Women Celebrating the Centennial of the 19th Amendment

Work by prominent women artists including Gene Kloss, Katja Oxman, Betty LaDuke, Frances Senska, and Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller. While the exhibition celebrates the passage of the 19th Amendment and women’s right to vote, it’s important to note that African American women such as Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller and Indigenous women were not universally free to vote until after the passage of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

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Sam Hill and The Columbia River Highway

Black and white photo prints showing both construction of the highway and early scenic views of the Columbia River Gorge. Most of the images are drawn from Sam Hill’s personal photo collection, which is housed at Maryhill Museum of Art.

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R.H. Ives Gammell and His Students

R.H. Ives Gammell shared his love of classical realism with his many students, including Richard Lack, Robert Hunter and Samuel Rose. Maryhill Museum of Art’s permanent collection contains numerous paintings by these four artists and this exhibition showcases more than 20 of their works.

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A Pictorial Sequence by R.H. Ives Gammell Based on “The Hound of Heaven”

The 23 paintings that make up A Pictorial Sequence by R.H. Ives Gammell Based on “The Hound of Heaven” illustrate Francis Thompson’s 182-line religious poem with images and symbols drawn from diverse ancient and modern sources and they evoke deep human responses. They are together Gammell’s greatest artistic achievement and they represent the zenith of his artistic aims and ideas.

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M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust Education Center Exhibitions

The following exhibitions were scheduled for the museum’s M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust Education Center in 2020, but were moved online due to the pandemic. 

The Influence of Women with Aristides Atelier

This online exhibition features student and graduate paintings from the Aristides Atelier, at Gage Academy of Art in Seattle, WA where Master artist, Juliette Aristides offers foundational skills necessary for realist artists. We connect with this atelier through our collections of Richard Lack paintings, whose atelier was the source of her training. In our third collaboration with Aristides Atelier we present the themed exhibition The Influence of Women and the continued story of atelier training.

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Teachers As Artists: Women of Influence

Maryhill Museum of Art, working in partnership with Oregon Art Education Association and Washington Art Education Association, showcases teacher talent by inviting educators to participate in Teachers As Artists, an annual juried exhibition in the museum’s MJ Murdock Charitable Trust Education Center. In 2020 we invited regional arts educators to submit work around the theme Women of Influence. The theme engages artists to examine women who have influenced the artist’s life and/or artwork, reflected through any media or style. This online version showcases artists from Washington.

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Maryhill Chess Sets

Explore an online version of the museum’s George E. Muehleck, Jr. Gallery of International Chess Sets. Take a closer look at some of Maryhill’s sets, including those designed just for play, whimsical and keepsake versions, one-of-a-kind artist-designed sets inspired by endless subjects and ideas

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