Loïe Fuller

About Loïe Fuller

Loïe Fuller (1863–1928) was a pioneer of modern dance and at the beginning of the 20th century, her influence impacted and inspired a new generation of dancers. Fuller’s circle of friends included artists, politicians, and European royalty, and it was she who convinced Sam Hill to turn his unfinished Maryhill mansion into a museum showcasing French fine art. The Loïe Fuller exhibition includes Art Nouveau posters, photographs, art glass and memorabilia from her 35-year career as a performer.

Loïe Fuller - Maryhill Museum - Columbia Gorge
Maryhill Museum
Loïe Fuller - Maryhill Museum - Columbia Gorge
Loïe Fuller - Maryhill Museum - Columbia Gorge
Loïe Fuller - Maryhill Museum - Columbia Gorge

Top: 1.Maryhill Plaza and Pavillion. Photo by Robert Reynolds. 2. Folies Bergere poster featuring modern dancer Loie Fuller, a close friend of Samuel Hill who is considered one of Maryhill’s four founders.

Bottom: 1. Photo of Loie Fuller 2. Pavillion interior view. Photo by Robert Reynolds.

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Traces of Light: Absence and Presence in the Work of Loïe Fuller by Ann Cooper Albright

This book studies the works and accomplishments of Loie Fuller, a famous contemporary dancer in the early 20th century. Loie was known for her dramatic stage performances and use of flowing fabrics and light to both enhance her dance as well as incorporate modern technology into the centuries old art form of dance. She helped to shape modern performance and stagecraft as we know it today and is a critical figure for those interested to study the change in women’s representation in dance at this time. 

Loie Fuller was a known friend of Queen Marie of Romania, Alma de Bretteville Spreckels, and Sam Hill, all of whom were essential for the founding of the Maryhill Museum of Art.