(GOLDENDALE, Wash., March 14, 2020) — Maryhill Museum of Art will be closed until further notice in an effort to further stem the spread of COVID-19. Late yesterday, Gov. Inslee issued a new proclamation banning all activities with 250 people or more statewide for the next six weeks. The official reopening date of the museum will be determined according to recommendations from federal, state, and local health authorities. Please look to our social media channels for updates.

“It is with regret and heartache that I make this decision,” says executive director Colleen Schafroth. “Accessing the beauty inside and out at the museum is often a solace in difficult times–it is important to the soul. But it appears that gatherings in groups of people are not currently good for the body.”

When the museum re-opens, visitors will be able to view a number of special exhibitions, including “A Particular Beauty: Romanian Folk Textiles,” featuring 20 fully dressed mannequins, and numerous individual garments such as coats, vests, shirts and blouses, showcasing a remarkable variety of Romanian embroidery techniques, mediums, and styles.

Maryhill has several ways to enjoy art while the museum is closed, as well as resources for families at home during school closures. These include highlights from Maryhill’s collections online as well as lesson plans for hands-on art, and videos.

If you are able to continue to support Maryhill while we are closed, we would be most grateful. Maryhill is a vessel of community and connection and we look forward to serving that important role once this passes.