For Families

Family groups of all ages will find Maryhill engaging and fun!  Visit and enjoy the galleries in a new way using our DISCOVER activity cards and family areas, venture outdoors to enjoy the William and Catherine Dickson Sculpture Park and amazing views, or join us for a special, family-friendly program. Check our calendar for the latest updates.

DISCOVER Room at Maryhill

The DISCOVER Room 2022 is an exploration space for all ages. This year, birds are the subject of the Maryhill Favorites Gallery next door in the exhibition Ornithology: Avian Imagery from the Permanent Collection. 

The DISCOVER Room gives you opportunities to draw, create, look closely, and enjoy the beauty of our feathered friends.

You will also find a quick-look wall to guide you in viewing your favorite collections. It’s a great place for families to start their exploration of Maryhill Museum of Art!

DISCOVER is a free activity made possible by Judith A. Lackstrom and Robert E. Morrow.

For Families - Maryhill Museum - Columbia Gorge

Explore the Grounds

Maryhill Museum of Art is a wonderful place for exploration, inside and out. Make it a great day by exploring the museum grounds, including the William and Catherine Dickson Sculpture Park, the views of Mt. Hood and the Columbia River Gorge.

Learn about some early explorers to our area in the The Lewis and Clark Overlook and its native plant garden, which sits where the museum’s lush gardens give way to sagebrush ranchlands.

Or travel a few miles east of the museum to see Sam Hill’s full-scale replica of England’s Stonehenge!

Don’t forget to bring a camera, picnic and a soccer ball. Maryhill is a place for family fun!

For Families - Maryhill Museum - Columbia Gorge