Bus Reimbursement Program

Maryhill Museum of Art offers busing grants that can reimburse transportation costs, for a limited number of classrooms, up to $250. Funds are disbursed on a first come, first served basis. When you schedule your tour, please indicate that you are also applying for bus reimbursement.

Bus grants are made possible through the generosity of sponsors.


To apply

Submit a brief introduction written either by a teacher or student(s) that identifies the class being served, why you are visiting Maryhill Museum of Art, how a museum visit will benefit your class and why your group desires bus reimbursement.


Complete the Bus Reimbursement Application form and submit online or mail/email/fax to Maryhill Museum of Art, Attn: Education Curator, Email: education@maryhillmuseum.org, fax: 509 773-6138 attn: Education


What is required after your visit

Please prepare a packet with the following materials:

1. An Invoice/Receipt that lists the cost of the bus used on the day of the field trip (after field trip has occurred – this is usually attainable through school or district).

2. A post-visit survey

3. Post-visit statements by at least 3 students and a teacher. For example: I enjoyed my visit because…; I learned…;

4. A thank you card or letter to be presented to reimbursement sponsor.

Send all post-visit materials to: 

Attn: Education Curator
Maryhill Museum of Art
35 Maryhill Museum of Art Drive
Goldendale, WA 98620